terça-feira, 16 de julho de 2013

Flores feitas em Colheres de plástico

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Flowers made from Plastic Spoon

So I've been getting a ton of questions on how to make the plastic spoon flowers. I did not come up with this I found a video from youtube that started the creative juices flowing. All I could find was how to make roses, but I wanted to make lilies.  I tried the rose and once I got the feel of melting and shaping the spoons I tried to make some lilies. It was actually easier then the roses, less petals. I also decided that I didn't want white lilies. I took prisma color markers and made the spoons look like lily pedals. Below are pictures and a youtube video on how to make roses. I looked for the original video that inspired me and it was removed, but this one is just as good and shows the basics.  

 I started by coloring all the spoons front and back with markers
Then take the spoon and heat it over the candle

You'll see the spoon move and start to get soft.

Once that happens it's time to stretch the spoon to make the petal longer 
 Once its stretched heat it again and curve the spoon and pull the sides up  to make the shape of a petal

All that's left for this petal is to remove the end of the spoon.

Heat the spoon again and pull from both ends. It should pull apart easily.

To make petals like this....

Just heat the side of the spoon till it starts to get soft then take the end of another spoon and push in to it. Leave a space in between each time you do it and it will give you a nice even ripple effect. 

When the petals are done they are then glued together to make whatever flower that you are trying to create. These flowers take a lot of patience, but are so worth all the head aches and sore fingers lol Here are some of my finished flowers